I recently bought a second hand carbon fibre bonnet that had a number of scuffs, a few minor chips and the lacquer was pretty much peeling off all over. In short, it was a right mess.
Never ever bought something like this before, it would mean getting someone to try and fix it.
Google bought up WR Composites and by sheer luck, he was only a 30 minute drive from mine.
The bonnet was dropped off, where Wayne has phoned me throughout to update me where he’s at with it.
Not having to chase someone and for them to contact me on its own has been a rarity.
I finally picked the bonnet up today and I am absolutely gobsmacked. It looks truly, truly amazing.
Honestly, this thing is like new and shines like a mirror. I couldn’t be any happier.
Wayne has worked an absolute miracle with this and and it’s brilliant.
The price was totally reasonable as well.
Give him and work a go. You will not be disappointed.