Boat repairs and modifications

We take on all sorts of repairs from small chips to major reconstruction, in GRP/ FRP and carbon fibre,
Carbon fibre mast repairs.
Gelcoat and paint colour matching with a 95%match, some colours are very difficult to match, we do aim to get a match that can not be seen.
We also carry out Boat modification and custom bespoke parts in GRP or carbon fibre.

We also carry out Gelcoat/ paint recoating and full resprays.
Below are some examples of the work carried out.

If you are looking for repairs to be carried out that is not a boat please get in touch as we mostly can do it as it is with the same material.

Boat Paint Jobs

New build international 14

I helped build the international 14 full carbon foam sandwich construction.
After building the craft I then filled and faired the boat, sorted the paint design and painted the hull.


Hull impact and cracked the strut inside, took out the damage and fixed the hole.
Gelcoat is coloured matched in house.

Jet ski repair

After a jet ski hit a tree branch and made quite a mess of the ski, the customer thought his jet ski was a right off,
After having a good look it we could see this was repairable, the tricky part of the job was getting the colour right, on this occasion the customer wanted to use his own painter, although we can do the paint work, I don’t stop customers wanting to use there own painters, we got the jet ski repaired and prep for painting.
We premiered the jet ski ready for them to take over.

Roof of a River Boat

Here are some photos of a roof of a river boat that was leaking due to the angel of the roof, after starting the repair it looked like the roof sectioned had been repaired before, after stripping the fiber glass back it came apparent that the main structure of the roof panel was all rotten, the wood was removed and rebuilt in a better non absorbent material, we put the roof angle back to a decent pitch so the water ran off it and not in to it, filled a lot of the holes so the customer can re-drill the holes again, colour matched the boat for the gelcoat and redone the gelcoat over the whole roof.

fridge for yacht

Customer had a lid of a fridge for his yacht, the lid was cracked all over, we took the cracks out, refiber glassed the area, colour matched the gelcoat for the lid then recoated the lid and polished it up.

Boat Repair and Modifications:

  • Colour matching and repairs
  • Boat repair and modifications
  • Bike panel repair and modifications
  • TVR repair and modifications
  • Race car repair and modifications

Marine Custom Parts

We are able to make any custom carbon part you require. Here are some examples of some of the parts we have made.

  • General Marine Parts
  • Spinnaker Poles
  • Jib Sticks
  • Rudder Stocks

TVR Repair and Modifications

These are a few examples of work and body work, repairs and paint jobs we have done on various TVR vehicles.
If you have a car that you can no longer obtain any spare parts for and you have parts to copy and use as templates, then we will be able to make composite replacements.
We have completed high spec works on Cerbera, Chimaera and Griffith TVR vehicles. Accident body work repairs and custom paint works.

Race Car Repair and Modifications

These are a few parts that have been made for personal use and racing use. We have built various race car parts and kit car parts but due to confidentiality, I am unable to show any photos. We are happy to make any custom parts that you require with the up-most confidentiality.
We also do fast turn around on damaged race car panels and parts on all composite parts, restoring them back to their original shape. All carbon finish repairs are repaired to a high standard. In most cases it is not noticeable that there was damaged in the first place. After working with various racing teams, they are making big savings to the out lay of replacement parts, as the cost of repairing in 90% of most cases is a lot cheaper.
If you have a car that you can no longer obtain any spare parts for and you have parts to copy and use as templates, then we will be able to make composite replacements.
Classic arrows F1 car modified and lightened. A re-design of the old classic’s arrows replacing the heavy fibreglass panels with new carbon fibre panels. The aim was to take 40 kg or more out the car and most of the weight is in the body panels

For boat repairs, custom parts and paint jobs
contact the team at WR Composites in Stourbridge today.

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