Concept Cars

We was approached to building a concept car by a guy in Dubai. We took a old style car and built a rolling chasing to give us the dimensions he wanted. We then cut the body and lengthened and widen the shell after this was done we started to shape the care to the style he wonted adding a roof and building the car to his liking. We only built half a car where it was scanned and the flipped on cad to create the car perfect both sides the blue pictures are the scanned pictures after project was completed.


Made by Jakabi Designed Professional clay modeler. He produced a kit to go on the mgf / Tf that was not a copy of any car
this kit totally transforms the mgf/Tf. Jakabi designed and WR Composites have teamed up to produce and fit the Abster kit
we will be looking at selling the kit for customers to put on them self or we fit the kit to the car itself and have it painted if required. We will build a package for customers requirements.