Recent projects and bespoke parts

Over The year we have carried a out a lot of different projects, from small parts for boats to a complete car body shell, and to this day we are still making some strange and wonderful items.

A lot of are project are classified and unable to take any photos, this make it very hard to show some of the stuff we have done.

Here at WR Composites are very strict on confidentiality and obey the rulings we sign.
However there are some project we work on don’t have these restriction and enables us to show what we have done.

There are not many projects we don’t take on, the ones we don’t take in house will depend on the size of the project, if this is the case and if we are able to, we do go on site to carry them out.

Below are some examples of what has been done and has been cleared to show on the web site.

Automotive custom parts

Volvo 480 custom parts
To give you an idea of what we can do, we were asked to create a couple of custom parts for a Volvo 480 including a front spoiler and bonnet scoop.


Front Spoiler – GRP Black Gel Coat Finish £100 + P&P
Front Spoiler – Carbon Finish £300 + P&P
Bonnet Scoop – GRP Black £120 + P&P
Bonnet Scoop – GRP Carbon Finish £200 + P&P

Here as some custom parts for a Victorian house that was being refurbished

They could no longer get those panels so came to use to have them made,.
We got the panels scanned and CNC cut as the originals were not suitable to take a mould from, the rosette had a rubber mould casted over it and they were resin cast parts, where the other panels were fibreglass parts.
This small project was a nice one to work on.

Recent Projects

Custom Lightweight Seat

General marine parts

We can create everything from rudder stocks to self-steering blades. We recently carried out work on a yacht with very limited spare parts. The current blade was very heavy and did not react quickly enough.

We were able to manufacture a new composite blade which took over ½ a kilo of weight out of the self-steering system which made all the difference.

Spinnaker poles

Carbon custom spinnaker poles can save over half the weight of an alloy pole and can be either tapered, straight or oblong.

The advantages of a carbon spinnaker pole is that it’s so much easier to handle if you sail a boat with asymmetrical spinnaker, as more than half the weight is at the end of the pole.

We also provide oblong poles for launch control systems which are lighter than a straight tube but also are narrower and sit on the boom neater.

Contact for prices

Rudder stocks

We can manufacture a wide range of marine custom parts including Enterprise rudder stocks. The carbon stock is considerably lighter than alloy stock and is designed so that when your blade is down, the carbon rudder stock locks on to your rudder blade. This gives you the same feel as a fixed rudder depending on what blade you have.

Because they are so light you will have to tie down the stock to the back of the boat otherwise you will wear through the tiller on the main track.

Weight difference: Alloy stock approximately 1.5 kg /
WR Composites approximately 700 grams

Currently we have templates for the following:

  • Enterprise
  • Hornet
  • Scorpion
  • Topper ISO

If there is a stock you would like to have made that is not on the list, contact us for a free quotation.


Stocks with tiller start from: £280.00 + p&p
Tiller Tubes start from £50.00 + p&p

Jib sticks

Our carbon jib sticks are very light and stiff compared with a traditional alloy jib stick and they are less than half the weight, which is fantastic for smaller crews.

The advantage of lightweight carbon jib sticks is that they are very easy to handle when you’re holding the end to put it on the mast.

As we make everything in house, we can make the jib sticks to your required length and any size and thickness you require. We also do fly away poles starting from 15mm ID.

We currently have templates for:

  • Enterprise
  • Firefly
  • National 12
  • If there is a jib sticks you would like to have made that is not on the list, contact us for a free quotation.

Contact for prices.

If you’re looking for custom parts for your boat, bike or car, contact us for a free quote.

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