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Repairs and ModificationsRepairs to composite parts, cars and boats. Custom PartsMarine and Automotive New Paint JobsNew and Custom paint works. GRP MouldingGRP composite, rubber moulds and pattern making.


WR Composites was founded in 1999 specialising in composite construction in the automotive and marine industries.

Our mission statement is to: To provide you with the parts that you want; Any modifications that you require; All work is done to suit your personal needs; Repairs to composite parts, cars and boats; Complete all work to the highest possible standard.

With over 10 years experience working with composites using all types of materials we have been involved in some of the following projects: Building sports cars from scratch; Parts for aerospace industry; Prototypes projects. We have also taken a keen interest in doing small production runs and one off products.

What We Do

  • Automotive: Pattern and mould making both male and female. Concept project e.g. aerospace, race cars, super cars, standard road cars. Modifications both for performance and aesthetic reasons. Major body repairs and rebuilds for e.g. TVRs/ Lotus/ Lamborghinis etc. Custom parts. Parts made and developed to personal specification.
  • Marine: Boat building on high performance and standard dinghies. Boat modifications, upgrades and refurbishments. Custom parts e.g. yacht tables, self steering vain, brackets etc. Carbon parts e.g. rudder stocks, foils, poles straight and tapered any size, etc. Repairs from minor to major rebuilds. All Carbon mast and spars repairs.
  • General: Mould making GRP composite and rubber moulds. Small production runs e.g. fork lift steering columns, fire coal affect moldings, bucket seat molding GRP with gel coat finish or carbon finish. Hover craft. Carbon bike frame repairs. Any GRP building projects. On-site work and contracting.
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